President's Message: June 2022

June President's Message

 Awesome 2022 Annual ASNM Meeting!!

 A bunch of things to touch base on and highlight from the ASNM Meeting.

 1. Highlights from the meeting

  • #1 it was just so great being together again.
  • Thanks to the organizers, Drs. Tara Stewart, Jay Shils, and Marat Avshalmov for a diverse and creative agenda!
  • Congrats to Lauren DeBruyn and Krystal Kenney for their Best Poster on guiding hypoglossal nerve electrode placement for Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The poster is posted on the ASNM LinkedIn site 
  • Thank you to all the lecturers and presenters for sharing your expertise.  I was especially blown away by Dr. Sugurhe’s talk on Connectomics, and how it may alter neurosurgeons’ approach to cortical tumor resections in order to preserve not just motor function, but also cognition and mental health. Here is short clip on youtube
  • The Quick Setup Lightning Rounds: Rave reviews! There is already a LinkedIn post on tips for quickly setting up head leads.
  • The Big Debates! Not sure if they were big debates or just someone playing devil’s advocate, but they were fun and enlightening. Great stuff on corticobular MEPs and LAR monitoring!
  • Interactive polling! Awesome clinical questions, but who knew that pioneer of IONM and past ASNM president, Richard H. Brown, also pioneered the field of Roller Coaster safety?

 2. Awards

  • Former president of the ASNM, Dr. Tony Koht, recently retired from practice and was awarded Emeritus status from the ASNM. [A1] 
  • Josh Mergos, MS, CNIM was awarded Fellowship status of the ASNM for his numerous and diverse contributions to the ASNM and the field of IONM.
  • Clare Gale, BS, CNIM was recognized for her Outstanding Service to a Committee.

3. Bylaws Update

  • As mentioned in the Business Luncheon, the Bylaws have to be updated to be compliant with Illinois state law. (The Society was incorporated initially in South Dakota, which has a different set of rules and regulations for non-profit governance). 
  • An independent counsel expert in Illinois on non-profit governance has outlined changes needed for legal compliance.
  • The expert counsel also provided "optional" improvement suggestions that the Board will respectfully and carefully consider when developing the final draft of the updated Bylaws that will be proposed to the Society. Nothing has been changed or even formally proposed at this point. 
  • Look out for an email in the next few months regarding the proposed update

4. Chuck Yinling 

 5. Board of Director (BOD) Nomination Slate for Fall Election

  • In the Fall, nominees with bios will be presented to the society for voting. Congrats to the nominees.
  • Nominees for the BODs: Brooke Callahan, Miriam Donohue, Carl Feltz, Siavash Haghighni, Christine Hanna, Robert Holdefer, Ernesto Lima, Chris Martin, Josh Mergos, Joe Moreira, Kathryn Overzet, Ryan Rosenhan, Reiner See
  • Nominees for the 2023-2024 President-Elect: Drs. Tara Stewart & Rich Vogel

6. BOD Changes

  • Thanks for service to outgoing BOD members (Megan Alcauskas, MD and John Ney, MD, MPH)
  • Thanks for continued service (Jeff Balzer, PhD, DABNM, FASNM, Faisal Jahangiri, MD, CNIM DABNM, FASNM, FASET, and Chris Pace, PhD, CNIM)
  • Welcome to incoming BOD members (Michelle Mora, DO and Natalie Peartree, PhD, CNIM)
  • Appreciation for Lanjun Guo MD, DABNM, FASNM, as she starts service as President-Elect.

7. Thanks to Dr. Laura Hemmer for service as President

  • Laura led us through a challenging pandemic year on multiple fronts. One thing she worked hard on with our Executive Director over the past year was to get ahead of the game and lock down the dates, locations, and hotels (and more importantly, the costs) for the Annual Meeting going forward for the next 3 years. Please thank for her Service (Note: she will still be kept very busy serving as Past-President for the next year). Thanks Dr. Hemmer!

8. My Term

  • I am truly humbled to take over as President and the privilege associated with the responsibility of the role. I will steward the Society for the next year to the best of my ability and welcome accountability from you. My plan for the next year is essentially our Vision statement and Mission statement. The more we collect and disseminate our shared collective knowledge via multiple avenues and collaborations, the greater we serve the patients we care for and the greater we foster this profession we care so much about.

Warm regards,


W. Bryan Wilent, ASNM President 

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